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Fuji Trading Co. Ltd. is a leading marine service provider operating across the globe in almost every continent.

Fuji Trading provides the highest standard of services and quality to ships, ship owners & managers and to shipyards, offering the following services:

• Ship supply

• Technical & engineering

• Logistics & freight forwarding

• Safety inspection

• IT Service for Ships

Established in Kobe in 1953, Fuji Trading Co. Ltd. has expanded its strategic supply bases from Japan to locations around the world including: Rotterdam, London, Dubai, Qatar, Newport News (Virginia), Baltimore (Maryland USA), Singapore, Busan (Korea), Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen (China).

Fuji Trading is an innovative, industry leading service provider that is dedicated to the single aim of providing exceptional customer services and quality products.

Total Service Provider



Ship Supply Techincal and Engineering Foods and Liquor, Import and Sales
Logistics and Freight Forwarding IT Service for Ships Plant Machinery
Safety Inspection   blank
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